Flat-blade wipers to dominate new car market, says Bosch

By CARSIFU | 16 November 2016

CHANGSHA (China): Flat-blade wipers are set to dominate car windscreens in the Asean region, which means conventional wiper blades might eventually be phased out.

Designed without the traditional metal frame, flat-blade wiper technology ensures even distribution of pressure across the wiper blades, regardless of the shapes of windscreen.

“In 1999, Bosch developed the first flat-blade in the market, and it is now the choice of automakers for 90 per cent of new vehicles in Europe. The flat-blade technology trend has also started in Japan. We expect the same trend to reach Asia in the coming years,” said Wang Yufeng, director of sales and marketing Services for Bosch Automotive Aftermarket in Asia Pacific South-east.

In China, flat-blade wipers are fitted on more than 50 per cent of new cars.

"It's important to note that flat-blade wipers are easily installed, and old cars can be easily adapted to use flat-blade technology," said Wang.

The quick clip adaptor enables drivers to install wipers quickly without hassle.

Bosch flat-blade wipers are innovated to be bracketless to deliver even distribution of pressure along the entire blade, making flat-blades wipe more efficiently.

Bosch also uses an exclusive rubber formula for the wipers, which provides longer durability, a reduction in noise and remarkable wiping performance when driving in extreme weather conditions.

The exclusive rubber formula used in Bosch flat-blade wipers is resistant to cracks and damages from long-term ozone and sunlight exposure.

Even after 200,000 wipe cycles, it performs almost like a newly installed wiper.

“Poor road visibility is dangerous. Up to 70 percent of road accidents occur due to bad visibility, largely attributed to inconsistent wiping quality,” said Yufeng.

“The beauty of Bosch flat-blade wipers lies in its unrivaled wiping performance in all weather conditions and ease of installation, making one’s driving experience safer and enjoyable”.

Bosch flat-blade wipers are available on e-commerce platforms such as Lazada in Malaysia (www.lazada.com.my/bosch-automotive-aftermarket), Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand and Bosch Automotive Shop for Australia.

The new Bosch Clear Advantage Wiper is priced at RM65 a pair on Lazada and major car accessory shops, and they are also available through Bosch authorised dealers in Asia.

The new Bosch flat-blade wiper fits 96 per cent of vehicles in the Asean region.

Vehicle safety campaign

As part of its vehicle safety campaign "One Wrong Part Ruins Everything", the Bosch Rover will tour over 90 locations across Peninsular Malaysia.

Targeted at the everyday driver, the campaign advocates safe driving and highlights potential dangers of underestimating the importance of quality and reliable car parts.

Taking place from October 2016 to January 2017, the Bosch Rover will make its appearance at business centres, hypermarkets, media houses and petrol stations.

Visitors can look forward to interactive activities including lucky draws and contests, as well as promotional prices of selected Bosch automotive products.

Participants can join the Spin and Win contest for customers with purchases over RM70, a Facebook Photo Caption contest for non-purchasing customers, or a Time Challenge contest that measures the fastest contestant to remove and install a set of wipers.

Winners stand a chance to win a pair of the new Bosch Clear Advantage Wipers.