Fuel prices down this week

By CARSIFU | 11 October 2017

PETALING JAYA: Fuel prices are down across the board from tomorrow.

Petrol now costs the same back during the week of Sept 28 to Aug 4 after a 3 sen drop with RON95 now costing RM2.16 per litre and RON97 at RM2.46 per litre.
Fuel Prices (Oct 12-18)
Diesel is also more affordable with a 7 sen reduction to RM2.10.

The prices of fuel will take effect from 12.01am onwards from Oct 12 to 18.

The weekly fuel pricing mechanism came into effect in April this year, and the prices of petrol and diesel had been placed on a managed monthly float system since Dec 1, 2014 following the removal of fuel subsidies.