Goodyear Assurance DuraPlus tyre heaps on the value

By THOMAS HUONG | 13 October 2015

The DuraPlus tyre from Goodyear is no stranger to us, since its launch in Asean about six years ago. It was the first tyre that was billed as lasting up to 100,000km and we had the DuraPlus tyres sized 185/65 R14 fitted on my Toyota Corolla SEG.

The DuraPlus was touted as durable and high-mileage tyres, and it was exactly what our budget-conscious wallets needed as I stay about 30km away from my workplace.

This meant my Corolla SEG is driven about 23,000km annually.

I ended up using the DuraPlus tyres for more than three years, although one or two tyres had to be replaced during the period due to “extremely challenging” road conditions in parts of the Klang Valley.

I can still recall the price per tyre for that particular size, which was around RM170.  At that price, the DuraPlus provided great value for money because it lasted a few years.

Earlier this year, Goodyear launched the new Assurance DuraPlus, which is also billed as long-lasting up to 100,000km.

The new Assurance DuraPlus tyre has an improved version of Goodyear’s TredLife technology, with an enhanced tread compound, as well as a DuPont Kevlar overlay for added protection.

The new tyre claims to provide better protection against road hazards, which is exactly what I  want as “extremely challenging” road conditions have badly damaged one of my tyres in the past year.

These road conditions included a deep pothole that that did not only destroyed a tyre, but also damaged a shock absorber and other parts of the suspension.

Now, while I am not asking for armoured vehicle-like treads, I am happy that the Assurance DuraPlus tyre has a DuPont Kevlar overlay to improve durability.

Used in military grade equipment, this lightweight material maintains stiffness and strength even under high temperature conditions when the tyre is in motion.

Also, I think Goodyear’s TredLife technology provides real value for money in extending tyre life span.
This TredLife technology uses an advanced carbon-based tread compound that provides increased resistance to road wear.

It also has a larger tread width design, which puts more rubber in contact with the road for a longer lasting tread.

I am more than satisfied where road noise and the Assurance DuraPlus’ wet grip performance were concerned.
Meanwhile, buyers of the Assurance DuraPlus are covered for six months under Goodyear Malaysia’s Worry Free Assurance programme.

With a six-month validity period, buyers will get a free replacement tyre if damage due to road hazard occurs, when the depth of the tyre tread is more than 6.7mm.

If damage occurs when the depth of tyre tread is within 5.5mm to 6.6mm, Goodyear will credit against the purchase of a new Goodyear tyre of the same size and design.

The Assurance DuraPlus is offered in 14- and 15-inch sizes, and priced from RM226 to RM325 inclusive of GST.