Goodyear initiative for safer balik kampung drives

By CARSIFU | 24 June 2016

KUALA LUMPUR: Towards a safer Hari Raya Balik Kampung drive, Goodyear Malaysia treated motorists passing through the PLUS Batu Tiga Toll Plaza with a Goodyear Hari Raya Thoughtful Pack – reminding drivers to have their vehicles checked before the festive holiday and, to be safe on the road.

This initiative is part of Goodyear Better Future, the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts focused on promoting and improving safety in the communities where the company operates, through an array of road safety community engagement programmes.

Goodyear Malaysia management and staff donned in their official blue outfits caught drivers by surprise at the toll plaza, as they were provided Hari Raya Thoughtful Packs to motorists on their way back home in preparation for breaking fast.

Each Hari Raya Thoughtful Packcomes with a pack of Egyptian dates and Goodyear’s Basic Tyre Maintenance booklet – equipping users with necessary knowledge on checking their tires and vehicle before their “balik kampung” trip back to their hometowns.

“Goodyear is committed to care for the people, communities and the world around us and has been playing an active role in instilling into the minds of drivers the aspect of being safe on the road. Tires are the most important element for a car as they are the only component that comes into contact with roads thus it is essential for drivers to be sure that they are on the road with a set of good condition tires,” said Goodyear Malaysia sales director Chee Lip Choon.

“Through this initiative, we hope to share in the joy with our fellow Malaysians as they look forward to the Hari Raya celebration, but also to remind them to have their vehicles inspected for an enjoyable journey ahead,” he added.

In conjunction with the upcoming Hari Raya celebration, Goodyear will be organising a Hari Raya promotion available in all participating Goodyear outlets nationwide.

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