Grab stays, cabbies' woes need to be tackled holistically, says Loke

By BERNAMA | 1 November 2018

KUALA LUMPUR: Transport Minister Anthony Loke has reiterated that the government will not give in to the demands of taxi drivers who want the authorities to ban e-hailing services using private cars, in particular Grab.

He said the government was aware of the problems faced by taxi drivers, but the issues need to be looked from all angles, not only from the perspective of taxi drivers but also that of passengers.

He also said that the ministry had come up with a win-win formula to protect the welfare of taxi drivers and drivers who use the services of e-call companies.

"Our purpose is to encourage taxi drivers to use e-hailing applications, whether it is from Grab or other companies, (we should) not focus on Grab only as there are 20 to 30 e-hailing companies in the country, there are many more options," he said when winding up the Half-Term Review of the 11th Malaysia Plan for the ministry last night.

EzCab is an alternative to the popular Grab service.
EzCab is an alternative to the popular Grab service.