Lexus on an SUV promotion spree

By CARSIFU | 14 September 2020

PETALING JAYA: Riding on Penjana, the government-initiated incentive to boost car sales through sales tax reduction, Lexus Malaysia is running a campaign to promote its range of luxury sports utility vehicles (SUVs).

Although the tax reduction for Penjana ends on Dec 31, Lexus Malaysia is continuing the incentive for another month to Jan 31, 2021 for its buyers.

In addition, other exclusive deals will be offered as well while those who participated in test drives will get an exclusive Lexus Touch n' Go card.

Among Lexus' line-up of exciting SUVs are the UX, NX, RX and LX models which project the refinement and sophistication of the Lexus brand into the lifestyle of their owners.

For additional peace of mind, all Lexus SUVs in Malaysia are equipped with the Lexus Safety System+, an intelligent driving system that aids and alerts the driver as well as take pre-emptive measures to avoid collision to make driving safer and enjoyable.



As Lexus' most compact SUV, the dimension of the Lexus UX is perfect for urban driving and zipping around on crowded streets.

The richly expressive UX features a bold exterior design with fluid lines while the suspension is tuned to absorb road vibrations for a smooth and comfortable drive.

The rear hatch is positioned low to ensure easy loading and unloading of large items.

The exterior and interior gets a combination of trendy colours to bring out the chic appeal of this stylish vehicle.

Peninsular Malaysia prices (on-the-road without insurance but inclusive of tax exemption) are: UX 200 Urban - RM235,472; UX 200 Luxury - RM274,027; and UX 200 F Sport - RM289,363.



The next step up from the UX is the bigger and sportier Lexus NX not only boasts and sophisticated design to deliver style and driving performance.

This trendy-looking SUV is perfect for the city setting, combining practical features such as ample boot space and convenient foldable rear seats for storing sporting equipment over even a folding bicycle or two.

In addition, this modern crossover SUV impresses with an adventurous image with large alloy wheels, while remaining refined like every other Lexus model with extensive use of high-quality materials and peerless craftsmanship.

Peninsular Malaysia prices (on-the-road without insurance but inclusive of tax exemption) are: NX 300 Urban - RM303,117; NX 300 Premium - RM321,850; and NX 300 F Sport - RM336,018.



Maintaining its position as the most popular luxury SUV in the Malaysian market, the Lexus RX has been refreshed with a new aggressive and yet elegant design, higher levels of convenience and cutting-edge safety technologies.

The new spindle grille along with slender DRL headlamps gives the front fascia a newfound sharpness and dynamic presence.

Meanwhile, the RX's large and plush interior with semi-aniline leather seats bode well for both businessmen and family usage where space and comfort are high on priority.

The driver-focused cockpit is also further improved with a new multimedia touchscreen system with smartphone connectivity that includes Android Auto and Apple Carplay.

In addition, the Panoramic View Monitor, which allows a surround view of this large vehicle, aids the driver by making parking an easy and simple task.

Peninsular Malaysia prices (on-the-road without insurance but inclusive of tax exemption) are: RX 300 Premium - RM385,306; RX 300 Luxury - RM409,785; and RX 300 F Sport - RM424,18.



As the flagship model of Lexus' SUV line-up, the Lexus LX is not only a large 8-seater but also a comfortable and yet capable 4WD vehicle with commanding authority and muscular appearance.

Its powerful and yet silky smooth V8 engine easily summons up more than enough performance for a relaxed and refined drive on regular roads or tackling challenging unpaved terrain with the utmost of fun and adventure while cocooned in luxury and safety.

The Adaptive Variable Suspension that adjusts the ride according to terrain also features four electronically controlled off-road modes.

The new model now gets a stylish sequential turn signal that adds that touch of elegance to the vehicle.

Its concert-hall brilliance of the 19-speaker Mark Levinson sound system ensures every drive, far or near, is never short of listening satisfaction.

Peninsular Malaysia prices (on-the-road without insurance but inclusive of tax exemption) are: LX 570 - RM1,225,883; and LX 570 Sport - RM1,281,938.