Honda applies to patent and trademark CR-Z moniker in US alone

By JAY WONG | 5 August 2020

WASHINGTON: It seems that Honda has applied to trademark its CR-Z moniker, but only in the US thus far.

Although the application is in the works, the Japanese carmaker's paperwork doesn't seem to have been vetted as yet - a process by the United States Patent and Trademark Office that could take months.

The application has begun raising question marks as to what is being planned as Honda axes the Fit, Civic Coupe and Accord (MT) from the US market.

The CR-Z originally debuted at the 2010 North American International Auto Show and subsequently went on sale that very year which took on much of the CR-X's design cues.

It used a 1.5-litre hybrid assisted engine producing 122hp and 174Nm of torque and was followed by a more powerful 130hp /190Nm engine and electric motor combination in 2013.