Honda CB250R and CBF250 reintroduced from RM23K

By CARSIFU | 17 May 2019

PENANG: Boon Siew Honda, today introduced the newly updated CB250R and CRF250 Rally that are renown for its 250cc motors and big-bike characteristics.

The CB250R carries a price tag of RM23,499 (Candy Chromosphere Red) and RM22,999 (Graphite Black and Mat Crypton Silver Metallic) without registration.

The CRF250 Rally with antilock braking system (ABS) costs similarly at RM26,999 and comes in two colour choices of Extreme Red or Black.

Both bikes, as well as all other bikes from Boon Siew Honda, carry with it a two-year or 20,000km manufacturer's warranty, whichever comes first and are powered by the same 250cc motor mated to a six-speed manual, only tuned differently.

The CB250R is known as a lightweight ‘Neo Sports Café’ that was first introduced in 2018, garnered plenty of attention and gets 27hp at 9,000rpm and 23Nm of torque at 8,000rpm.

Honda CB250R - 07 Full Digital LCD Meter

The new CB250R has been fitted with the signature round headlight to match the bronze rims (only with Candy Chromosphere Red) and a bronze front suspension fork to enhance it with a sporty exterior.

Other notable equipments include antilock braking system, full-LED lights, full-digital LCD meter, Showa upside-down forks, adjustable rear suspension and a large 10.1-litre fuel tank.

As for the CRF250 Rally, this off-roader is touted to have been dialled in with comfort for the serious dual-sport rider who prefers a light and easy-to-handle machine.

Honda CRF250 Rally - 01

It comes with a dual-stripe design inspired by the latest CRF450 RALLY Dakar racer and gets 24hp at 8,500rpm and 23Nm of torque at 6,750rpm.

This bike's list of equipment list includes anti-lock braking system, asymmetric LED headlights, fully-digital LCD meter, floating windscreen, 43mm Showa Upside-Down forks and a 10.1-litre fuel tank as well.