Honda Connect launches in Thailand

By JAY WONG | 16 January 2018

BANGKOK: Honda Automobile in Thailand launched “Honda Connect”, a technology allowing drivers to connect with their cars through their fingertips via a smartphone application.

The new system costs 5,900 Baht (RM730) which includes free installation and a free 2-year mobile network connection for data transmission and comes integrated with a host of key features including car status, driving behavior data and an emergency call service.

Honda Connect uses smart telematics technology to control remote information transmissions through a smartphone application and a Telematics Control Unit (TCU) system installed in a Honda vehicle.

The TCU collects key data and transmits it via a mobile network to cloud-based data storage and processing, while a GPS solution provides precise tracking of the vehicle’s location. Drivers will receive alerts or notifications from the Honda Call Center on an immediate basis.

Six key Honda Connect features:
Honda Connect (Thailand) - 02
1) Car Status provides details on the car’s status before the owner starts a journey including the amount of fuel, engine coolant temperature, and other information, as well as maintenance alerts, service history, and next scheduled maintenance appointment, to ensure the car is always ready to use.

2) Driving Behavior Data covering driving information and behavior, such as distance travelled, driving time, maximum speed, average speed, and travel logs.

3) Vehicle Tracking (Find My Car) enables the driver to locate their car. When selected, the system will send the car location to a registered email address to ensure data privacy.

If the car is in motion, the system will send an alert about the irregular use of this feature to the vehicle tracking function of the smartphone application.

4) Emergency Call - When an airbag deploys due to an accident, the system sends a signal to the Honda Call Center, which will call the registered phone number, or a number reserved for emergency use, to contact the driver and offer assistance.

If the contact is unsuccessful, the system will contact the medical service hotline (1669).

In other emergency cases, the driver can use a key hotline number function to reach the Honda Contact Center, as well as police, ambulance, 24-hour roadside assistance, and insurance companies.

5) Location Search & Share Your Trip connects to a map application to search the car’s route or nearby locations for services such as petrol stations, ATMs, convenience stores, and Honda dealers.

The driver can save the locations he or she regularly visits to look them up easily, and also post photos from his or her journey on his or her Facebook page.

6) News and Privileges provides messages offering informative news and privileges from Honda, plus reminders about insurance renewal and road tax payments.

After having installed the system, Thai customers need to download the Honda Connect Thai application, which requires iOS version 8.0 or higher, or Android version 4.0 or higher.

The Honda Service Center in Thailand will then connect the TCU to the app to register the customer and create a user account.

"Following recent findings on driving behavior and people’s lifestyles in Thailand and abroad, Honda has created Honda Connect to satisfy tech-savvy customers who desire a sense of security and safety when driving." said Honda Automobile (Thailand) chief operating officer Pitak Pruittisarikorn