Honda planning EV platform for US-destined sedans and crossovers

By RELAXNEWS | 21 July 2019

TOKYO: Later this year, Honda's compact and fully electric modular Honda E will go on sale - but, only in Europe.

Markets where larger vehicles like sedans and SUVs reign supreme will be left out.

But a report by Automotive News published Thursday claimed "something bigger and better may be on the way."

Honda said it would introduce a modular electric vehicle platform designed for larger vehicles, those that the company will sell to the US and Chinese markets.

Honda outlined its intention to make this platform "truly global;" in theory, it will work for a wide range of vehicle segments despite varying body sizes, shapes, and powertrain architectures.

While the cute and compact urban Honda E won't make it stateside, its limited range would likely not prove useful in a country with such large distances between cities. EV models using the upcoming EV platform will likely start hitting the American market around 2025.