How cool is that? A book that shows you how to build your own 'engine coffee table'

By CARSIFU | 28 March 2016

LONDON: It's Monday morning and time to get off the beaten track.

For the car nut, a book by Gergely Bajzáth could possibly be just the tonic to pep up the day.

The man has written a book "How to Build your own Engine Coffee Table’, and as the title suggests, he wants to share his methods and tips with you, so that you can make one of your own!

This is possibly the first book on engine tables ever published. And since April 1 is a few days away, no, this is no early April Fool's prank. Amazon lists the 48-page paperback by Veloce Publishing at US$16.64 (RM67) and it is available for pre-order ahead of its publication on May 3.

Bajzáth has made a good number of engine coffee tables, and constantly enjoys positive feedback and comments about his work.

Whether in your living room, workshop, den, man cave, or girl shed, an engine coffee table is a great talking point, and is almost guaranteed to become the main topic of conversation when friends visit.

This book shows you everything you need to know to create your own furniture centrepiece. From the best choice of engine base, to instructions on design and fabrication for appearance and safety. Hand-painted finishes are covered, and a dedicated section shows how to safely plan, prepare, and fit a glass top for a serviceable, and safe, end result.

Bajzath was born in Hungary in the 70s. A petrolhead since his youth, he studied steel construction after leaving school, and went on to work in the construction industry in Germany, before arriving in Britain in 2005.

Experienced in metal fabrications, he started to make engine coffee tables in 2011, and has now made in excess of 50 different types, including other types of car furniture. After a few articles about his tables were published, the Saatchi Gallery bought and placed one of his V12 tables in its Saatchi Store in London.