Hubject and Daimler pilot a solution for charging electric vehicles

By CARSIFU | 18 April 2018

BERLIN: Drivers of electric vehicles previously needed to have the right charging card or smartphone app to gain access to public charging stations.

To simplify this process, the Berlin-based emobility specialist Hubject has developed a solution, which enables customers to access charging stations by means of a digital certificate: Plug&Charge via the international standard ISO 15118.

The automotive manufacturer Daimler and Hubject have now concluded the pilot phase of the innovative system in cooperation with the charging point operator ebee smart technologies.

With the new smart EQ fortwo/forfour, Daimler now has the first electric vehicle in series production that supports Plug&Charge.

With this system, Hubject and Daimler provide a future-oriented response to the development of a convenient approach in relation to emobility, as even payment is made automatically.

“Together with Daimler, we are drawing closer to our vision: simple charging and payment for electric vehicles for everybody. Everywhere. Charging with Plug&Charge via ISO 15118 is our next step on the way towards a fully automated, customer-friendly charging experience,” remarks Hubject CEO Christian Hahn.

In addition to the shareholders of Hubject, all market players worldwide across all industries can now join Hubject’s ISO 15118 ecosystem.

The ISO 15118 standard also describes further types of applications such as the future integration of electric vehicles in the energy grid (smart charging), thus laying the foundations for a secure, sustainable charging infrastructure.