Hyundai mobile artwork inspire tourists

By CARSIFU | 12 August 2015

NEW YORK: Hyundai Motor is to host an inspirational campaign in six of the world’s most exciting cities, encouraging tourists to share their special memories of iconic locations.

The artwork is displayed on transport carrying visitors in Istanbul, New York, Mexico City, Barcelona, Paris, and Singapore.

In Istanbul, New York and Mexico City, buses and trams will carry stunning optical illusions echoing the vibrant cities, to inspire memories for tourists and locals alike.

The creative mosaic artwork is composed of hundreds of tiny Hyundai logos, which form each city’s iconic skyline when viewed from a distance.

For example, in New York, the famous Manhattan skyline is visible alongside Hyundai Motor’s message: Take a step back. There is more of New York to be seen.

Meanwhile in Barcelona, Paris and Singapore, travelers receive the intriguing message A New Experience Awaits.

In these cities, an eye-catching design adorns public transport in major tourist spots to introduce the recently launched compact SUV, all-new Tucson, with buses displayed as gift-wrapped boxes delivering the newly unveiled car to iconic places.

Travelers are encouraged to share selfies and personal experiences involving buses and trams carrying Hyundai’s artwork via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #HyundaiTravelmate.

On buses in Paris and Mexico City, free Wi-Fi is provided for tourists to instantly share special moments with loved ones around the world.

All of the images shared stand the chance of being included in Hyundai Motor’s photo-film through the company’s Facebook
(, Twitter (@Hyundai_Global) and Instagram ( channels.