Hyundai showcases future technology

By CARSIFU | 6 January 2015

LAS VEGAS: Connected cars, voice recognition, hand gesture controls, wearable devices and smartphone apps are technologies Hyundai is exploring to improve the driving experience for customers.

At the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Hyundai brings a collection of new technologies, highlighting advanced infotainment features and driver assistance systems.

Hyundai's futuristic Head-Up Displays (HUD) found inside the 2015 Genesis includes driving information, such as Smart Cruise Control status, navigation, Blind Spot Detection, and Forward Collision and Lane Departure Warnings.

All this information is projected at a perceived virtual distance approximately six feet ahead of the driver for maximum legibility while driving.

At CES, Hyundai is showcasing a production-ready augmented reality HUD concept.

This system presents even more driver information in the form of animations, which describe road conditions ahead.

On the augmented reality HUD, drivers will see warnings when a car is about to unexpectedly enter their lane, arrows leading to exit ramps, highlighted street signs, Smart Cruise Control distance bars and one-way street markings.

Hyundai has also linked the augmented HUD to a wearable band.

This band will vibrate when the Lane Departure Warning System is activated or when the car is about to unexpectedly enter the driver’s lane.

It is also a heart rate monitor that can notify 911 if a driver’s heart rate changes rapidly.