Hyundai unveils new compact and light central airbag

By RELAXNEWS | 19 September 2019

SEOUL: Hyundai has just published the first images of its research on a new airbag that opens between the driver and front-seat passenger in order to prevent collisions between them, especially at head level.

Thanks to a new patented technology, Hyundai Motor Group has developed a central side airbag that is one of the most compact and light in the world.

The central airbag is installed in the driver's seat and deploys when an impact is detected. According to Hyundai, it will reduce head injuries caused by collisions between the car's front-seat passengers by 80%.

Central airbags aren't new (General Motors initiated the concept a few years ago) but Hyundai's is now more compact and lighter than its competition. Because of its small size, its installation in the front seats will be more flexible in the future.

The group hopes to be able to integrate the new airbag in all of its future models under both Hyundai and Kia brands.