Innovative mobility solutions from Bosch

By CARSIFU | 26 April 2017

SUZHOU: At the 2nd Bosch China Automotive Innovation Day, Bosch showed a range of innovative mobility solutions including the Bosch Generation 9 ABS (antilock braking system) for motorcycles.

The leading global supplier of automotive technologies and services also presented core strategies for future urban mobility at the event held in November 2016 in Suzhou.

The event, held by Bosch every two years, is the company’s largest technology experience in Asia-Pacific.

In the field of two-wheelers, Bosch provides solutions in drive systems and driving safety for eScooters, motorcycles, eBikes, and self-balancing cars.

Solely for the two-wheeler business, Bosch aims at global sales of one billion euros per year by 2020.

The company also developed active safety technologies for China in particular, including the motorcycle ABS which can prevent up to 48 percent of accidents resulting in casualties.

Bosch ABS for motorcycles
06_motorcycle ABS 10

The Bosch Generation 9 ABS for motorcycles is the first antilock braking system to have been developed especially for motorcycles.

At a volume of 0.5 litre and weighing 700 grams, it is much smaller and lighter than previous systems that were based on car systems.

Thanks to its modular design and various degrees of functionality, this technology can be applied in every performance class – from low-cost entry-level motorcycles to supersport models.

Meanwhile, Bosch's motorcycle stability control (MSC) is the world’s first system to offer support in all riding situations: during both braking and accelerating, and while riding straight as well as while cornering.

The motorcycle’s handling – and thus all the pleasure of riding – remains unchanged.

The system is fitted in the 2014 models of the KTM 1190 Adventure and Adventure.

Bosch Automatic Park Assist
Bosch Automatic Park Assist.
Bosch Automatic Park Assist.

Bosch Automatic Park Assist uses 12 ultrasonic sensors and multi-camera systems, and enables automatic parking for pulling into and out of selected parking spaces.

Drivers have the option to remain in the car or get out ahead of time while the vehicle parks itself.

In extremely tight parking spaces, drivers can get out of their car, and remotely control the parking manouevre via their car key or smartphone.

The vehicle then parks and pulls itself out of the space on its own, without the need for anyone at the wheel.

Electric Power Steering
DSC_0065 (Large)

Bosch developed Servolectric with the servo unit on the steering column specifically for vehicles with lower steering effort.

It is therefore the ideal electric power steering solution in the entry-level segment and is suitable for use in compact and subcompact cars as well as in mid-size vehicles.

The servo unit and its electronic control unit are integrated in the steering column.

Software developed by Bosch allows the electric power steering system to be programed to the vehicle maker’s requirements.

The electric power steering system, due to its lower power consumption, reduced weight and less maintenance costs, is rapidly replacing the hydraulic power steering.