Isuzu celebrates 60 years of the Elf light-duty truck

By CARSIFU | 4 October 2019

PETALING JAYA: On Aug 26, it marked the 60th anniversary of Isuzu’s best-selling Light Duty Truck, the ELF.

First introduced by Isuzu Motors Japan in August 1959, it steadily became a firm favourite internationally in the light-duty truck segment.

The Elf truck has been known for its durability, innovations and quality throughout the years with massive changes and achieving notable milestones throughout the years.

The first-generation was introduced in 1959 as a two-tonne, cab-over design with a 1.5-litre petrol engine.

A 2.0-litre diesel engine was only introduced in 1960, making it a first for its class.

Later, it was preceded by the second-generation in 1967, when the ‘Isuzu Light ELF’ model was added to the line-up with an upgrade to the engine's displacement and performance.

In 1975, the third-generation was introduced which featured various facelifts and by 1978, Isuzu sold their millionth Elf and also introduced its line-up of trucks to the Malaysian market.

The third-generation also went through a number of enhancements and in 1980, it managed to meet Japan’s 1979 emissions standards while sporting a redesigned exterior to accommodate a tilting cab.

Since then, the ELF light-duty truck quickly became a transport staple for businesses in search of high quality and reliable trucks that also offered great fuel efficiency.

In 1984, Isuzu hit a new milestone when the newly introduced fourth-generation Elf began to be exported and manufactured internationally in several different countries, including the United States, Australia and China.

Aside from external updates, the fourth-generation also featured a direct-injection turbo-diesel engine and a four-wheel-drive system for the Elf 250.

Isuzu Elf - 01 60th Anniversary

The fifth-generation rolled out in 1993 and that introduced various enhancements including an upgraded cleaner diesel engine as well as a more distinguished exterior styling.

Today, the sixth-generation Elf now boasts of an improved styling, sturdier-yet-lighter cabin, smoother transmission as well as a cleaner and more powerful turbo-diesel engine.

Isuzu's trucks are currently being assembled locally in Pekan, Pahang and still boasts of dominance within the light-duty segment in the country.

Sales of the series have greatly contributed to Isuzu Malaysia maintaining its position as Malaysia’s Overall Top Selling CV for five years in a row, and the ELF range as the ‘Top-Selling Truck in Light-Duty Segment’ for its ninth consecutive year.

Internationally, total production of the ELF Series has exceeded 6.5mil units and is currently available in 146 countries worldwide.

Aside from its favourable sales performance in Malaysia, the Elf Series has successfully retained its number one market share in 25 countries across the region.

Additionally, with the Elf's reliability, continuous product enhancement and advancement in diesel technology, preference for the light-duty trucks in Malaysia is said to stem from the Japanese truck builder's commitment to customer satisfaction.

Through its wide network of dealers and service centres, Isuzu Malaysia boasts of providing the best after-sales experience in order to ensure that business partners and commercial customers have the necessary support needed to keep their businesses running smoothly and efficiently.

At present, Isuzu Malaysia offers a wide range of options for the Elf light-duty truck, with 19 variants available, ranging from four or six-wheeler, 4x4 or Crew-Cab configurations in addition to its engine output and performance, interior functionality and comfort as well as safety features.