Isuzu Malaysia launches new Elf trucks with Smoother AMT gearbox

By THOMAS HUONG | 13 June 2019

SETIA ALAM: Isuzu Malaysia has launched new variants of its popular Elf and Forward commercial trucks, with 6-speed Automated Manual Transmissions (AMTs) and a 19-tonne Forward variant.

The new 2019 range of Isuzu trucks will be available at all 43 authorised Isuzu truck outlets nationwide from third quarter of 2019.

Isuzu Malaysia will be offering 19 variants of the Elf commercial trucks covering 4-wheeler, 6-wheeler, 4x4 and Crew-Cab versions, giving it the widest range of light duty truck options in the market.

Selected Elf truck models will be fitted with the Smoother 6-speed Automated Manual Transmissions (AMTs).

The Smoother AMT selects the most appropriate gear for the driving condition, and thus ensures that the engine revolutions remain within its optimal range, which extends the life of the engine and drivetrain.


Isuzu Malaysia launches 19-tonne Forward commercial truck 

Isuzu Elf Smoother

On the Smoother AMT models, there is a secondary Econo Mode that the driver can select to automatically change gears at lower engine revolutions, providing even greater fuel savings.

Although the price of the Smoother AMT models is higher, business owners can enjoy lower running costs as fluid coupling doesn't cause wear and tear.

Also, it will be easier to employ drivers as the pool of drivers who can handle manual transmissions is shrinking.

Drivers too will find the Smoother AMT models less tiring to operate.

Isuzu Elf 2019 briefing (1)

The engines for the Smoother AMT models comply with the Euro 3 emission standards.

Isuzu Malaysia is also introducing three new crew cab variants to its 2019 commercial trucks line-up.

Unlike some retro-fitted after-market crew cabs that are prone to ill-fitment, Isuzu's crew cabs are designed at Isuzu's R&D centre employing the latest technologies, built and outfitted completely in the Isuzu factory - with full compliance with the highest ECE safety standards and are sold with the full Isuzu warranty.

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Isuzu Elf 2019 briefing (3)

Isuzu Elf 2019 briefing (4)

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Isuzu Elf Smoother (1)

Isuzu Elf Smoother (2)

Isuzu Elf Smoother (3)

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