Karma to show off latest Revero EV in Shanghai

By CARSIFU | 15 March 2019

LOS ANGELES: Karma Automotive celebrated its fifth-year anniversary with a teaser of the all-new 2020 Revero luxury-electric vehicle.

The Revero will be available for sale or lease in the second half of this year. It promises to be faster, smarter, and even more stunning in design than its ageing predecessorm which dates back to 2012.

The Revero, along with Karma’s Pininfarina-designed concept car and its all-electric Vision concept, will form the automaker’s “Shanghai Big Three” product announcement at April 16-25 Auto Shanghai 2019. Taken together Karma’s Shanghai Big Three products shows the automaker’s short, medium and long-term vision.

“Karma is a luxury car company, born in California, that’s driven by exclusive design and craftsmanship, advanced technology, customization and delivering only the very best customer experience,” said Karma CEO Dr Lance Zhou.

“We now have a vision and roadmap for the company that’s building strong momentum and I can confidently say our best days are ahead of us.”

You may recall Karma was previously known as Fisker Automotive before it ended up in the hands of China company Wanxiang Group.