Kia puts whopping 21 displays on EV concept dash

By RELAXNEWS | 1 March 2019

FRANKFURT: Last week, Kia teased us with an obscure image of a new EV concept from the front; on Wednesday, they offered a limited peek at its interior for the first time, and turns out, the company is using this model to poke a bit of fun at the auto industry's current obsession with in-car displays.

While concept models are usually designed to represent the future of a company, their products, and their respective industries, Kia is using its latest EV concept for all of that as well as to make a parody of the multiplying digital displays in modern vehicles.

In fact, the latest teaser of Kia's presently unnamed electric concept added 21 HD resolution displays artistically across the dash as a "humorous riposte to the industry's current obsession with ever increasing dashboard screens."

small_12263_kia.24707104636.original (Medium)

Apart from the wave of illuminated displays, the rest of the silver and gray finished cabin looks fairly simple and contemporarily minimalistic.

A second teaser photo gives us another view of the headlights, this time from the side. We also see the left side of the front bumper, as well as small fractions of the fender and a huge front wheel, all shiny and gray.

What we still don't have any pictures of yet is the sheet of glass that spans across the top of the car functioning both as the windshield and roof until it "taper[s] into a double-bubble over the rear passenger compartment."

Maybe Kia will release another teaser before March 5, when the whole vehicle inside and out will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.