Koenigsegg debuts Regera megacar in Geneva

By CARSIFU | 3 March 2015

GENEVA: The Regera was created as a luxury Megacar alternative to Koenigsegg’s traditional extreme lightweight race-like road cars.

Regera is Swedish for “to Reign”.

The Regera utilizes an EV (Electric Vehicle)'s plug in feature, and has a drysumped twin turbo DOHC 5.0-litre V8 engine.

Its combined output is over 1,500hp and over 2,000Nm of torque, and it can hit 0 to 400km/h in less than 20 seconds.


Koenigsegg says the Regera is the first fully robotised car.

As the Regera features functions such as; active front and rear wings, chassis control and lifting system - the pumps and accumulators were already in place to connect a few more hydraulic operators. These in turn replaced gas struts of equal weight – resulting in minimal weight impact.

Due to the above, the Regera is the first car in the world that operates all body closures completely automatically.


Meanwhile, the Koenigsegg One:1 featured the world’s first top mounted active rear wing which was an innovative solution that maximised down force compared to its size and weight.

The Regera, being more luxury oriented, has taken this solution to the next level, allowing the wing also to fully fold down into the body work enhancing the cars elegance while parking and reducing drag while cruising.

The wing´s active foldable mechanism, is a lightweight work of carbon fiber art and the movement is truly mesmerizing.


Sporting a unique exhaust-note, the Regera has a custom designed, sound tuned titanium system jointly developed by Akrapovic.

The Regera has a unique Koenigsegg Direct Drive Transmission or KDD, invented by Christian von Koenigsegg.

The patent pending KDD system replaces the combustion engines traditional transmission and gives the added benefit of pure EV mode.


What is unique is that the KDD manages to create direct drive to rear axle from the combustion engine without the need of multitude gears or other traditional types of variable transmissions, with inherently high energy losses.

During highway travel, for example, the KDD reduces drivetrain losses, compared to traditional transmission or CVT by over 50%, as there is no step up or step down gear working in series with the final drive - just direct power transmission from the engine to the wheels.

Its three electric motors constitute the most powerful electrical motor set-up in production car history, replacing the gears of a normal transmission.