Latest Kia Soul ready to hit European streets in all-electric form

By DPA | 2 April 2019

FRANKFURT: Kia is ready to roll out the third generation of its boxy Soul this month, which will head to Europe in only all-electric form.

The South Korean carmaker has not yet named its price, though sources in business circles put its starting number at more than 30,000 euros (RM138,000), citing a better drive and enhanced features.

Closely related, technically speaking, with the Niro SUV, but much more polarizing in design and featuring an online infotainment system, for example, the Soul will have two drive variants, says Kia.

In the base version, the electric motor on the front axle boasts 100 kW/136 PS. The batteries have a capacity of 39.2 kWh, which allows for a top speed of 155 kilometres per hour, according to Kia.

It also boasts a range of 277km in a normal cycle.

Alternatively, the Soul EV also comes with an 150 kW/204 PS electric motor and a battery at 64 kWh. This version can thus reach up to 167kph and features a longer range, at 452km.

While Kia has stuck with the typical form of the Soul, it has altered the format some. The wheelbase has grown by 3 centimetres, to 2.6 metres, and the car has lengthened 6cm, for 4.2 metres.