Lexus adapts to life after quarantine

By RELAXNEWS | 5 May 2020

TOKYO: With the end of lockdown on the horizon in many countries, automobile dealerships will soon be reopening their doors. But not under any conditions.

Automaker Lexus has already been communicating on the health procedures it plans to adopt to protect its customers and employees.

Everything has been thought out in advance to ensure optimal safety, starting, of course, with the provision of protective kits and equipment, such as plexiglass counter windows, hand sanitizer dispensers, masks, gloves and floor markings showing the minimum social distance of around one meter.

In new automobile showrooms, vehicles on display will be systematically locked and opened only in the presence of customers. In addition, they will also be cleaned after each new customer has left.

With regard to test drives, customers will exceptionally be left alone in the vehicle they are testing but will stay in telephone contact with sales staff, who will remain in the dealership.

Procedures have also been updated for the delivery of cars.

Keys will be handed over without contact (on a tray) and a video or telephone appointment will be organized if necessary. As for after-sales service, customers will be advised to come alone to the appointment and hand over their keys without physical contact. Their vehicles will also be "sanitised" before being returned to them.

All of these new procedures will come into force in Lexus dealerships, and in all likelihood at showrooms for other brands, as countries and regions reopen various businesses.