Lexus J201 Concept in Rebelle Rally

By RIZAL JOHAN | 7 October 2020

PLANO: The Lexus J201 Concept is the iteration of the four-wheel drive Lexus flagship, a supercharged 550-hp  fully-equipped LX-based concept vehicle.

It is set to debut at the 10-day-long Rebelle Rally on Oct 8 with defending champions Rachelle Croft and Taylor Pawley behind the wheel.

The two Lexus drivers will field J201 during the 10-day women’s event spanning over 2000km of challenging topography and climates throughout California and Nevada.


Born from a philosophy of cross-functional omotenashi, and assembled by overlanding experts, Expedition Overland, the J201 Concept anticipates the tasteful requirements and needs of the Experiential Adventurer.

Experiential Adventurers value their Lexus Flagship’s easily-accessible capability and take pride in its functional looks.

Watch the Lexus J201 Concept tackle the Rebelle Rally.