Lightyear One long-range solar EV unveiled

By RELAXNEWS | 26 June 2019

ROTTERDAM: Dutch firm Lightyear has unveiled its eagerly awaited and highly original EV prototype. This fully electric sedan stands out from competitors with its in-built solar charging system, which should, in theory, ensure boosted range, reaching over 700km.

The Lightyear One has four independently driven wheels, each with its own in-wheel motor. The manufacturer isn't giving away much about power just yet, simply announcing the car's (modest) 0-100kph acceleration in 10 seconds.

This EV's particular strong point is its promised range of over 700km. With its in-built solar cells, the car can partially recharge while driving. Lightyear also claims that the EV can be charged with up to 400km of range overnight from an ordinary 230V domestic power socket.


While this prototype looks particularly tempting on paper, its price could put off all but its most avid supporters. Indeed, the Lightyear One is priced at €149,000 (RM699,000), with deliveries of the "Pioneer Edition," limited to 500 units, expected in 2021.

Note that this isn't the first project of the kind since the German manufacturer, Sono Motors, already has its Sion electric MPV up for order, also capable of partially recharging via solar energy. The vehicle's 250km range is much more limited, but the price tag is considerably more affordable, at €25,500 (RM120,000).

Lightyear is based in Helmond, 130km south-east of Rotterdam.