Lunaz to repurpose old Range Rovers for electric vehicle duties

By JAY WONG | 7 December 2020

LONDON: Lunaz, the creator of electric classic cars, has announced that it will be building classic Range Rovers with electrified powertrains.

The company, based in Silverstone, England will produce an initial run of 50 examples of the British sports utility vehicle (SUV) with two variants of Town and Country.

Prices for the range of Range Rovers starts from £245,000 (RM1.32mil) with deliveries to begin from the second quarter of 2021.

The body styles (Town, Country and Safari) will come from the 'classic era' of between 1970 and 1994.

Every car undergoes a full bare metal restoration and re-engineering process before a conversion takes place.

Since unveiling Jaguar, Bentley and Rolls-Royce electrified classics, the company has been consistently asked by its global customer base to apply its re-engineering and restoration approach to these cars.

Lunaz electric Range Rover - 02

The Town variant will be made available in both standard and long-wheelbase guise - emphasising on rear comfort and driving experience.

The Country specification provides budding owners with either a three or four-door body style before adding on a four-wheel-drive system, updated suspension system (including anti-roll bars) and uprated brakes.

Inside, the cabin's original interior design can be bespoked to an owner's taste including the vehicle's original look and feel which can be combined with the finest of woods and leathers.

A full suite comfort and convenience will be provided including infotainment, air conditioning and entertainment screens that will be integrated into the existing design scheme.

The Safari variant will be offered in a rare fully roofless style which was first seen in the James Bond classic - Octopussy.

Because of their scarcity, the company's engineers will take existing conventionally bodied Range Rover classics and convert them to a roofless body style. The company says that one has already been allocated to a customer in Europe.

Lunaz electric Range Rover - 03