Maintain clear vision with Bosch AeroTwin wipers

By CARSIFU | 24 August 2017

KUALA LUMPUR: Windscreen wipers should be replaced immediately if they exhibit the following conditions:

- Streaking or smearing – wiper blade rubber torn through wear and tear, causing incomplete wiping of water

- Incomplete wiping sections – tension between wiper and windscreen is lost or is not optimal due to long resting periods in high temperatures

- Squeaking or rattling noises – sounds are caused by old or aging rubber (most harden after 1 year)

The Bosch AeroTwin is a high performance windscreen wiper that is particularly suited to withstand Malaysia’s tropical environment.

Its blades are coated with a proprietary Power Protection Plus polymer that makes the blades robust and resistant to temperature fluctuations, thereby increasing its service life.

The coating also reduces friction between the blade and the windscreen for a smooth and quiet wiping performance.

The AeroTwin is also equipped with two Evodium springs that spans the entire length of the wiper blade, creating a uniform pressure throughout the wiper blade against the windscreen.

Furthermore, its aerodynamic spoiler prevents the wiper from lifting off at higher speeds by generating a downforce.

These factors ensure a consistent and reliable wiping performance under any condition.

"With Bosch Aerotwin Retrofit and Plus flat wiper blades, we cover 99 per cent of cars on the road," said Kwang Yong Wei, assistant manager (channel marketing) of Bosch Automotive Aftermarket in Malaysia.

"Aerotwin Retrofit is designed with a u-hook and made in China, for Asian car marques while Plus is for continental cars, and made in Serbia. They are made from synthetic rubber, and can last one to two years."

In 1999, Bosch developed the world’s first ‘flat blade’ or frameless windscreen wiper blade, and the AeroTwin wiper is part of this portfolio.

Unlike other supposed flat blades that may contain multiple joints, a Bosch flat blade is a single segment that has no clamps or joints that avoid having water trapped to cause backsplash.

Installed as original equipment on many leading premium European vehicles, Bosch flat blades are also available as replacements for a wide range of vehicles sold in Asia.

The Bosch AeroTwin wipers only take a few simple steps to install, with detailed instructions on the package as well as online.

The wipers are available in a wide range of sizes, and come with various adaptors to fit over 95 percent of vehicles sold in Asia, be it passenger cars or pickups.

Bosch wipers are available on Lazada and leading car accessories shops.