MAN Truck and Bus offers 2-year warranty for parts and services

By CARSIFU | 8 June 2017

KUALA LUMPUR: MAN Truck and Bus (M) Sdn Bhd (MTBM) has extended its warranty period for its parts and services from one year to two years.

The extended warranty applies to all repairs carried out in MAN service centres from 2017 onwards, including any MAN Genuine Parts, MAN Genuine Parts ecoline and MAN Genuine Accessories installed as part of the repair work.

In addition, the two-year warranty covers any service work connected with the fitting of spare parts.

The scope of service is identical to the previously valid one-year warranty.

MAN Truck and Bus (2)

MTBM head of after sales Thayalan Subramaniam said, “MAN Genuine Parts are characterised by their quality and precise fit. Combined with the qualified and professional work at MAN service centres, they ensure reliability: reduced downtimes and a longer service life. By extending the warranty period to two years, this means double the security for our customers”.

On average, over 8,000 genuine parts are available on hand in the MAN service centres, including for older models and specialty vehicles, to keep downtimes as short as possible in the event of damage.

MAN Genuine Parts ecoline are replacement parts that are fully remanufactured to MAN Genuine Parts standards by MAN, the original manufacturer (OES) or by an external service provider.

This ensures that the upkeep of older vehicles can be carried out at fair market value.

Just like new MAN Genuine Parts, MAN Genuine Parts ecoline are also available at all MAN service outlets and likewise come with the new 24-month spare part warranty.

MAN cover the following costs as part of a warranty case:

· Costs for work time and spare parts directly related to the repair of the defect or to the exchange of faulty parts.

· Installation and removal costs are covered if the original scope of delivery also included the installation of the part.

· Certain additional costs are covered after inspection as a gesture of goodwill, e.g. towing charges, night time/weekend charges, on-site repairs of stranded vehicles (journey to breakdown location, mobile workshop vehicle, etc.), and courier costs.