Maserati announces partnership with winemaker Antinori

By CARSIFU | 21 May 2019

MODENA: Maserati has announced its partnership with historic Tuscan winemaker Antinori, a leading producer of top-quality wines.

The partnership with Antinori will take the form of a series of events and projects.

Maserati said it had chosen Antinori because both companies upheld a culture of "Italian excellence."

The Antinori Family have been making wine for more than 600 years and 26 generations, ever since Giovanni di Piero Antinori joined the Florentine Guild of Wine-Makers ("Arte Florentina dei Vinattieri") in 1385.

Throughout its long history, the Antinori family has been known to run its business with innovative and sometimes daring strategies while respecting traditions.