Maserati unveils fastest production model with Levante crossover

By DPA | 18 July 2019

MODENA: Maserati has unveiled what will be its most powerful production model with its Levante crossover.

The V8-powered off-roader will come in two performance levels — the GTS or Trofeo — with the luxury Fiat subsidiary confirming a September release for the Levante.

However, as one might expect, when the power increases, so too does the price. The GTS version sets owners back €135,000 (RM624,000), while the Trofeo edition — coming with all the trimmings — brings the prices up to a handsome €155,000 euros (RM717,000).

In the power cure for their best-selling model, the Italians rely on their sister brand Ferrari, which originally developed the 3.8-litre bi-turbo engine.

In the GTS version, the engine brews up a storm of 390kW/530hp and up to 730Nm torque, while the Trofeo raises the stakes to 426kW/580hp with the same torque.

Unlike many of its other fellow crossovers, the Levante is then capable of an acceleration of 0 to 100kph in 3.9 seconds and a top speed of 300kph — another best for a Maserati production model.

To accommodate the more powerful engine, there is a discreetly modified design and a new set-up for the chassis, bringing the car 3 inches lower on the road.

With regards to the Levante's fuel consumption, Maserati is yet to release further information.