Mattel's Hot Wheels Tesla Cybertruck coming in December

By CARSIFU | 24 February 2020

NEW YORK: Mattel's Hot Wheels brand recently announced at the New York Toy Fair that it is introducing two radio-control toy versions of the Tesla Cybertruck.

The Hot Wheels Cybertruck is offered in the 1:64 scale priced at US$20 (RM84.50) while the hobby grade 1:10 scale is yours for US$400 (RM1,690).

However, on the website, the 1:10 scale Cybertruck has already sold out.

The Hot Wheels team worked with Tesla with the toy brand's designers studying the life-size model and includes the cracked windows which happened to the life-sized Cybertruck during its debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show last November.

The windows cracked after metal balls were thrown at it after Tesla CEO Elon Musk said they were bulletproof.

Mattel also described the toys as prototypes and final production design, colours and textures may vary.