Mazda to join EV revolution at 2019 Tokyo Motor Show

By RELAXNEWS | 18 September 2019

HIROSHIMA: Mazda is planning to reveal its first fully electric car at the Tokyo Motor Show next month, according to a report by Automotive News, which was confirmed by a Mazda spokesman.

Despite the company previously testing its EV architecture under the body of the CX-30 compact crossover, the model that will be revealed in Tokyo will be "brand new." It is unknown how the specs will deviate from that of the prototype, which has a 35.5 kWh battery that generates 105 kW of power.

The fully electric Mazda is expected to hit the consumer market next year as part of the brand's strategy to electrify its vehicle portfolio.

Two versions of the model will reportedly launch next year: a fully electric model for Japan, Europe, China, and other markets where having a long range is not essential, and an electric model with a range extender (powered by a small rotary engine) for markets like North America.

The all-electric Mazda will be unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show, which runs from Oct 24 to Nov 4.

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