McLaren 675LT teased ahead of Geneva

By CARSIFU | 29 January 2015

LONDON: McLaren has provided a snippet of what is to come at the Geneva Motor Show this March with a new more powerful 675LT to join its stablemates.

While the company hasn’t revealed its official performance figures, they have revealed that there will be an increase in the engine’s output by 25PS to settle at 675PS (666bhp).

The additional 25PS has been squeezed out of its 3.8L twinturbo V8, which allows the new McLaren to obtain the 675 designation while the LT nomenclature harks back to the company’s legendary ‘Longtail’ name that was given to the McLaren F1 GTR Longtail.

The 675LT will focus on performance-optimised aerodynamics with more downforce, driver engagement, power and less weight.

The iconic Longtail name made its debut during the 1997 season of sportscar racing and it was then that the distinctive stretched silhouette of the McLaren F1 GTR became popularly known.

The nickname stuck, and the model went on to become one of motorsport’s most successful GT cars.

McLaren says that deliveries of the McLaren 675LT (only in coupe form) are to begin later this year with its official figures released sometime before its official debut at the Genevea Motor Show.