McLaren keeps up the tease on 675LT

By CARSIFU | 5 February 2015

LONDON: The McLaren 675LT will become the fourth new road-going supercar and one of the fastest and most powerful to be built by the British company, since turning its attention from the Formula One track and to the super wealthy car aficionado's driveway, when it is officially unveiled in March.

Unfortunately for fans of the marque but luckily for the company's advertising agency, the Geneva International Motor Show is still almost a month away, meaning that there's plenty of time to continue teasing snippets of information regarding what to expect.

McLaren has already confirmed that the 675LT will be so called because of its Long Tail shape, to improve aerodynamics and handling; plus the fact that the 3.8-liter V8 engine powering it will deliver 675PS or 666bhp.

That means that only the company's flagship hypercar, the hybrid P1, is more potent. And every example of that particular car has already been accounted for. All 375 have been pre-sold and McLaren will not be building any more.

But on Wednesday the company also revealed that because the engine - the same block used in all of its other supercars - is getting new twin turbochargers and some modified internal components, it will generate 700Nm  of torque that will be unleashed when the engine hits 5,500-6,500 rpm.

Even when moving off from a standstill, there will be 600Nm of torque on hand to guarantee the right combination of acceleration and traction.

Extra speed and power require extra downforce and stronger braking to keep things under control and the 675LT's large active longtail Airbrake, which will sit over the rear as a spoiler in normal use, helps to ad a further 40percent of overall downforce to the car.

The new car will also feature a new titanium crossover exhaust system that will exit out of the car directly beneath the rear airbrake. This will cut weight, improve performance and potentially fill anyone traveling behind a 675LT with fear.

McLaren is expected to continue teasing information and cropped images about the new car, right up to its official reveal. But don't expect anything about outright performance figures until the Geneva Motor Show gets under way on March 3.