Porsche4Kids looking to help keep children occupied

By CARSIFU | 4 May 2020

STUTTGART: Porsche is looking to help families with children stay occupied with its "Porsche4Kids" activities especially since the Movement Control Order - Phase 4 (MCO-4) has been extended to May 12 with certain conditions.

To help children past the time while at home,  the German sports car builder is many games and activities waiting for young visitors at its www.porsche4kids.com website.

The site offers children colouring pages, craft ideas with instructions, "find the word" and memory games, puzzles and search-and-find pictures among others - all while being entertained by mascots Tom Targa and Tina Turbo (available in both German and English).

Porsche 4Kids - 01

Porsche 4Kids is trying to create a unique online experience for play with high learning standards for children who can train their concentration and learn by playing too.

Those looking to spend their time offline can download and print out a variety of images for colouring from Porsche tractors and Formula E racing cars, comics or games such as the “Town, City, Porsche” category game – templates are available to download for all children.

“We want to give children access to the mobility of today and tomorrow as well as to socially relevant topics such as sustainability and safety in road traffic. We want to motivate the kids to explore, discover, laugh and have fun,” said Porsche brand partnership and sponsoring head Oliver Eidam.

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For children ages 12 and above who enjoy learning quizzes can take part in the Porsche Museum e-mobility challenge to learn more about electromobility, for example how an electric motor works, where electrical energy is stored and if electricity only comes from a socket.

In the "Socialize" section, kids are able to enjoy a virtual tour of the museum.

With the Kids Driving School magazine, parents can practise correct road traffic behaviour with their children while Tom Targa and Tina Turbo take a playful approach to explain traffic rules, the most important road signs and correct bicycle equipment.

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A small final test for children to take is available on the back pages of the magazine - no boredom guaranteed.

Porsche 4Kids fits perfectly with the motto for the present time #DreamsAreMadeAtHome.

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With this hashtag, Porsche has launched a global social media campaign for brand communication where users are invited to post their dreams of mobility here which could be their own car, a model car or a coloured picture of a Porsche downloaded from the website.

“Our learning programmes could up until now only be experienced in the exhibition, but the new children’s website now allows us to make them available to everyone online,” said Porsche heritage and Porsche museum head Achim Stejskal.

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