Mercedes-AMG GT-R rolls over bags and accessories — turns them into luxury items

By CARSIFU | 11 February 2019

AFFALTERBACH (Germany): Mercedes-AMG, the 'nutters' that put the 'muscle and hustle' into standard luxury Mercedes-Benz vehicles, have collaborated with German bag-maker Destroy vs. Beauty to bring about the BurnOut Collection.

The newly road-rashed collection uses a special tear-proof fabric that took the bag-maker two years to develop.

Mercedes-Amg Destroy vs Beauty BurnOut Collection - 11

Subsequently, an AMG GT-R performed a race start and managed to impart some serious road-rash on to it

Of course, the fabric withstood the abuse and instead of being discarded - tyre print and all, it has been used together with the finest German and Italian leather to produce the range of handcrafted bags and accessories.

Mercedes-Amg Destroy vs Beauty BurnOut Collection - 02 Weekender

If the tyre markings of the AMG GT-R isn't to your liking, then perhaps the the AMG C 63 S might be able to whet your appetite or simply make a request for the tyre print of your choice at an added cost.

And as a nod of approval from Affalterbach, they have all been slapped with an AMG badge - hence the Destroy vs Beauty: Mercedes-AMG BurnOut Collection.

Mercedes-Amg Destroy vs Beauty BurnOut Collection - 10 Cash Men Wallet

The handmade luxury items from Germany are:
- Cash Men Wallet at 179 euros (RM855)
Big Spender womens wallet at 199 euros (RM950)
- Messenger Bag at 379 euros (RM1,810)
- Chicago Bag at 479 euros (RM2,290)
- Burlington Bag at 479 euros (RM2,285)
- Laptop Bag at 529 euros (RM2,525)
- Speed Week Bag at 579 euros (RM2,765)
- Ocean Drive Bag at 619 euros (RM2,955)
- Weekender bag at 679 euros (RM3,240)