Mercedes-AMG Project One takes another step closer to series production

By JAY WONG | 19 August 2020

AFFALTERBACH: The development of the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE hypercar has taken a step closer to production with several pre-production models taking to the company's own proving grounds.

For the first time, the project leaders have also authorised testing of the comprehensively electrified and highly complex hybrid power unit with its full output of more than 735kW (1000hp).

Along with the dynamic test programme and some refinements to the car's driveability, development work is also focused on its active aerodynamics.

Mercedes-AMG Project One - 02

In short, this simply means that the Project One's downforce is being fine-tuned outside of the wind tunnel and comes from various active components that include the louvres, air outlets in the front fenders or the large rear aerofoil.

The adaptation of a complete Formula 1 drive unit for a hypercar with road approval, which along with its impressive driving dynamics must also deliver perfectly in terms of everyday performance and be able to drive in all-electric mode, represented a tremendous challenge.

As far as many aspects were concerned, such as noise levels, the development team with their engineering expertise embarked on a journey to find solutions that could be developed to series maturity.

Mercedes-AMG Project One - 03

In parallel to the extensive dynamic testing being undertaken with the project vehicles, the attendant development work also continues on this extraordinary hybrid vehicle from Mercedes-AMG at the company's base in Affalterbach.

The various vehicle systems are currently being put through their paces on the engine testbeds and in the in-house simulator.

The next step in this extensive programme of testing and development will shortly begin with runs on the north loop of the infamous Nürburgring.

Mercedes-AMG Project One - 04