Mercedes' launches C-Class as notchback and estate

By DPA | 24 June 2021


STUTTGART: The latest generation of the BMW 3 Series and Audi A4 rival is launching both as a saloon and as an estate with a large tailgate and a bit more muscle under the hood as standard, Mercedes says.

An all-electric model is still missing, however. And yet things are still moving forward in terms of electrification with all petrol and diesel engines becoming mild hybrids, while the plug-in hybrid makes a technological leap.

The latter now has a purely electric range of around 100km. In future available exclusively with four-cylinder engines, the C-Class will initially be launched with three petrol engines and two diesels.

The line-up starts with a 1.5-litre, which produces 170 hp in the C 180 or 204 hp in the C 200, and a 2.0-litre for the 258 hp C 300. Mercedes is kitting the diesels out with a 2.0-litre engine, which produces 200 hp in the C 220 d or 295 hp in the C 300 d.

This means that the C-Class, which will be available exclusively as a four-pot engine, will be able to reach the top of the range.

The C-Class, which is also available with all-wheel drive in the more powerful versions, can reach a maximum of 231 to 250kph and has a fuel consumption of between 5.0 litres of diesel and 7.0 litres of petrol (131 to 161 g/km CO2).

The plug-in hybrid is considerably more economical. Here Mercedes combines an electric motor with 95 kW, a 25.4 kWh battery and a 150 kW/204hp petrol engine.

With a system output of 312hp, it achieves a standard value of 1.3 litres (14 g/km CO2). Next year, this package will also be available with a diesel, Mercedes says. All-wheel drive variants are also in the pipeline.

In addition to the new engines, there is a sportier design and slightly changed dimensions. Compared to its predecessor, the model series is almost 7 cm longer and almost 3 cm longer in the wheelbase. It now measures 4.75 metres in both body versions.

The luggage compartment remains unchanged at 455 litres for the Saloon and grows by 30 litres for the Estate at 490 to 1,510 litres.

According to the manufacturer, the technical innovations include a screen landscape inspired by the S-Class, rear-axle steering used for the first time in the C-Class, and assistance systems with more vision and greater influence on driving.

Launch prices for the notchback start at €41,138 in Mercedes' home market in Germany. The estate T-model is around €2,200 more expensive and starts at €46,975.