Electric MINI Cooper SE tows a Boeing 777

By CARSIFU | 3 June 2019

MUNICH: MINI's first electric car, the Cooper SE, may still be in its prototype phase but during a recent "testing programme", it demonstrated that it was capable of setting in motion a stationary Boeing 777.

The Cooper SE took the role of an aircraft tug at Frankfurt airport, Germany and went straight for a Boeing 777F freight aircraft with an unladen weight of some 150 tonnes.

The 45-second commercial shows the Cooper SE in close-to-production concept as a “muscle car” pulling the significantly larger and heavier transport aircraft across the airfield.

The Cooper SE, based on the MINI 3 door, will go into serial production at the British plant in Oxford from November onwards.

Once it goes into production, the Cooper SE will become the second pure electric powered model within BMW Group's automobile portfolio after the BMW i3.