More power with Caltex Euro 5 diesel

By CARSIFU | 6 December 2016

KUALA LUMPUR: Caltex has launched its Euro 5 compliant diesel fuel, namely Caltex Power Diesel with Techron D.

Developed with near-zero sulphur content, Caltex Power Diesel (Euro 5) with Techron D contains less than 10 parts per million (ppm) of sulfur, compared with Euro 2M diesel which contains 500ppm.

Caltex Power Diesel (Euro 5) with Techron D is also an improved ultra-premium diesel containing Chevron's exclusive Techron D additive to control deposits, help maintain fuel injector cleanliness and enable optimum engine performance.

Caltex is a retail brand of Chevron Malaysia Ltd.

"The introduction of Caltex Power Diesel (Euro 5) with Techron D is our commitment to provide customers with clean, reliable and quality products which not only increase vehicle performance but prevent engine corrosion for both old and new diesel engines," said Chevron Malaysia country chairman Shahid Ahmed.

In a diesel engine, keeping the fuel injectors clean is critical as diesel fuel injectors are prone to deposit formation.

Deposits can upset the injector spray pattern and hinder the fuel-air mixing process and this can result in higher fuel consumption, reduced engine performance and increased emissions.

The new Caltex Power Diesel (Euro 5) with Techron D can keep clean fuel injectors and optimise power.

In engine and laboratory tests, it delivered excellent results including:

- 100 per cent clean fuel injector that translates to optimal fuel economy, lesser emissions and restoration of lost power
- Zero Power Loss
- Metal surface protection against corrosion
- Foamless, resulting in a faster and cleaner fill