Motorcyclists should make sure they stay topped up — with water

By DPA | 1 July 2020

BERLIN: The weather's fine, the streets are empty and the tank is full: Time for a relaxing ride on the motorcycle. But while on the road, motorcyclists should also make sure that they're topped up.

If a motorcyclist doesn't get enough water, the first thing to go is performance and the ability to concentrate, which decline gradually, according to Germany's Institute for Two-Wheeled Safety (ifz).

Even if it's not a particularly hot day, the body loses lots of moisture, which means motorcyclists should be hydrating every time they take a break from riding, not just when they're feeling thirsty.

Water is always great, but riders can also suck down some tea, fruit juice or soft drinks to make sure they're staying properly hydrated. They can also nosh on cucumber, bell pepper, melon or tomato slices.

If riders are wary of stopping somewhere to get a drink due to the coronavirus pandemic, it's a good idea to pack a slightly larger bottle of water or another liquid, for example in the tank bag.