Netizens slam petrol dealers for complaining

By THE STAR | 2 January 2015

PETALING JAYA: Netizens were annoyed with petrol dealers who claimed to be sustaining a loss from the reduction of fuel prices effective Thursday.

Prices for RON95 and RON97 petrol went down by 35 sen per litre respectively while diesel reduced by 30 sen.

The Petrol Dealers Association had recently told The Star that it had incurred losses between RM10,000 and RM 20,000, adding that the reduction left them buying at a higher price but selling at a lower figure.

Facebook user Vincent Yeap wrote: "But the market price of petrol has dropped, How could you say lower prices are killing you? You buy it even lower, that's an excuse!"

"Stop complaining and do something to get your cost reduced, if not this country will be devalued in par or worst than Cambodia or Vietnam," wrote Rueben Nagarajan.

Mei Har said: "Perhaps these people can tighten their belt during this period of time, just like the rakyat did when petrol price were increased?"

Many social media users pointed out that there was not a word from dealers when the prices were increased and condemned the dealers for lamenting about it now.

Roshni Randhawa wrote, "Please la, when petrol prices went up, you buy and sell at higher prices, that's okay? typical business minded freaks!"

Michael Lim commented, "when the prices went up, we did not hear you complain."

"The stations made quick profits when the rates were raised many times previously from selling stocked fuel so now they should not cry loss," wrote Uma Devi, while Abd Nasib Abd Rahman said "Typical capitalists! you cry loss, but profits never suffice."

Previously, RON95 and RON97 sold for RM2.26 and RM2.46 a litre respectively, while diesel sold for RM2.23 a litre.

New prices which kicked in Thursday saw RON95, RON97 and diesel being sold at RM1.91, RM2.11 and RM1.93 respectively.

On Dec 1, 2014, retail prices for petrol and diesel were fixed on a managed float system, effectively marking the removal of all fuel subsidies.

Under the managed float, retail prices would be based on the monthly average world price of crude oil. - D. KANYAKUMARI