Never ride thirsty: Why you should stay hydrated on a motorcycle tour

By dpa | 6 August 2022

BERLIN: If you're planning a longer motorcycle trip soon, it's not only vital that your bike doesn't run out of juice — you also need to make sure you stay hydrated yourself.

Don't wait until you're thirsty, warns a German industry institute. If you don't drink enough, you won't necessarily feel thirsty right away, according to the experts.

But your performance and ability to concentrate will decline gradually. To prevent this, schedule regular breaks in places where there is plenty of shade.

Water, tea and fruit juice spritzers are your best options to stay hydrated.

When on the road, the experts also recommend smaller portions of water- and mineral-rich foods instead of eating fast food, for example.

Cucumber, peppers, melon and tomatoes are great snacks and can be easily stowed in small plastic boxes with drinks, for example in the tank bag.