New diesel engine from Mercedes-Benz

By CARSIFU | 16 February 2016

STUTTGART: The first all-aluminium four-cylinder diesel engine from Mercedes-Benz is celebrating its world premiere in the new E-Class E 220.

The new diesel unit OM 654 marks the debut of a ground-breaking family of engines from Mercedes-Benz.

It is more economical, powerful, lightweight and compact.

16C123_010 (Custom)

It delivers around 13 per cent lower fuel consumption and higher power (192hp instead of 168hp).

This modular family of engines will find broad application across the entire range of Mercedes-Benz cars and vans.

There are plans for several output variants as well as longitudinal and transverse installation in vehicles with front-, rear- and all-wheel drive.

"The new family of engines embodies over 80 years of Mercedes-Benz diesel know-how. The new premium diesels are more efficient and powerful, lighter and more compact - and they are designed to meet all future global emissions standards," says Dr Thomas Weber, member of the Daimler Board of Management.