New Mercedes cars comply with Euro 6d-TEMP standard

By CARSIFU | 12 June 2019

STUTTGART:  Significantly reduced NOx emissions is a characteristic feature of Mercedes-Benz vehicles which are certified according to the Euro 6d-TEMP standard.

All Mercedes-Benz passenger cars that can be ordered in the new car business now meet this requirement.

Furthermore, Mercedes-Benz currently has a whole series of vehicles on the market that already comply with the even stricter Euro 6d standard. This will gradually become mandatory as of Jan 1, 2020.

The decision made at the start of the decade to develop an entirely new diesel engine generation is paying dividends.

The innovative technologies implemented in the process ensure low NOx emissions. With the changeover to the new engine generation, all new Mercedes-Benz passenger cars available to order now comply with the Euro 6d- TEMP or Euro 6d standards.

The limit values for NOx in emission tests - for Euro 6d these are also at 80 milligrammes per kilometre also during RDE (Real Driving Emissions) tests - are so-called "not to exceed" limit values that must be complied with during each valid RDE test.

This means that a vehicle may also not exceed the limit under the worst conceivable combinations of RDE conditions – for example, with a heavy load, in hilly topography, and in unfavourable temperature and traffic conditions.

The limit applies not only to new vehicles, but also to vehicles with more than 100,000 kilometres. Results of real-world tests on the road often stay significantly below the limit of 80 milligrammes per kilometre, which is confirmed by independent measurements.