New promotions by Scania Malaysia

By CARSIFU | 1 April 2015

SHAH ALAM: Scania Malaysia has launched a two years free Scania Maintenance offer.

This is in addition to the two years free Scania Assistance and ten years free Scania Fleet Management that already comes with Scania vehicles ordered today.

Scania Maintenance is part of a range of maintenance from Scania Contracted Services.

It includes assistance call-out charges, travelling charges to/from the breakdown site, inspection for factory recommendation, lubricants, filters and labour for maintenance.

Now, it is free for every Scania truck, bus and coach chassis for two years (subject to mileage limit).

"Scania vehicles are a precision machine backed by over one hundred years of intelligent engineering tradition. So it makes sense to have a contract with Scania for all repair and maintenance needs,” said James Armstrong, Managing Director of Scania Southeast Asia.

“Our maintenance procedures are proactive to avoid time-consuming and costly problems from occurring to maximise our customers’ uptime and operating economy. It also gives our customers predictable maintenance costs so that they can focus their time and energy on their core business.”

Last year, Scania Malaysia launched a new Scania Assistance number 1800-08-8500 (+603 5590 9077 for international calls) with an improved call-centre system based on Scania global standards.

It is an operator-based call-centre that operates 24/7, 365 days a year.

The improved call-centre system allows Scania to track and follow-up on the status of any customer’s case from start to completion; keeping the customer informed throughout the entire process.

This allows the customer to plan and reorganise their fleet movements better in the event of a particular vehicle needing assistance.