2021 Skoda Octavia gains new safety tech

By CARSIFU | 19 May 2020

LONDON: The new fourth-generation Skoda Octavia will have a raft of high-tech safety features including Turn Assist, which can monitor oncoming traffic when turning right at a junction as well as identify cyclists and pedestrians.

If immediate danger is detected when executing a manoeuvre, the vehicle will be brought to a complete standstill, triggering the warning signal and preventing a possible collision.

This advanced safety feature will be in standby mode every time the engine is switched on and is activated when the right indicator is on.

Turn Assist will be introduced for the first time in a Skoda and the Octavia is the first vehicle in its class to launch the innovative safety technology.

Another first to feature on a Skoda is the new Exit Warning technology, which is part of the Blind Spot Detection system and comes into effect when the car is parked up.

Octavia hatch and estate 2020 NEW00 (Custom)

Monitoring the rear and sides of the vehicle, the system warns the driver and other passengers when it may not be safe to open their door through the use of visual warning lights and sounding an alert, both of which will continue until the hazard has passed or if the doors remain open.

Working on both the front and rear doors, the alert will avoid passengers swinging their doors open and causing a possible collision with a cyclist – known as ‘dooring’ – or any other road users.

The cameras in the new Octavia can observe possible hazards to the rear of the vehicle up to a distance of 35 metres and at angle of approximately 120 degrees, providing greater assurance for drivers and passengers on when it is safe to exit the car.

Side Assist new00 (Custom)

Complementary to both Turn Assist and Exit Warning is Collision Avoidance Assist, with the new Octavia the first Skoda to have this technology.

The front cameras of the vehicle are able to detect an impending accident and perform a controlled evasive manoeuvre around the hazard, be that other vehicles, a cyclist or a pedestrian.

The system uses real-time data provided by the array of cameras and radars to calculate the most appropriate, and crucially the safest, trajectory around the potential danger.

This calculation factors in the distance, width and position of the vehicle or obstacle ahead and the system will be able to perform this function at speeds of up to 90mph.

Cyclists will further be protected by the Predictive Cycling Protection feature in the all-new Octavia which uses the front cameras and radar to trigger a cascade of warnings to the driver if a cyclist is detected ahead – and will even engage the emergency brakes if necessary to avoid any possible accident.