New Shell Rimula for fleet and transport operators

By CARSIFU | 31 July 2018

PETALING JAYA: Shell Malaysia has introduced the newly reformulated Shell Rimula R6 LM fully synthetic and R5 LE synthetic technology heavy duty diesel engine oils (HDDEOs) with the latest American Petroleum Institute (API) CK-4 engine oil specification in the Malaysian market.

The availability of the latest API CK-4-compliant HDDEOs is good news for the highly competitive fleet and transportation sectors where companies are under pressure to achieve high standards of reliability and safety while minimising total operating costs.

The new API CK-4 Shell Rimula R6 LM flagship product combines a fully synthetic base oil with PurePlus technology and Adaptive Additive Technology.

Both Shell Rimula R6 LM and R5 LE demonstrated excellent oxidation and sludge deposit control to prevent oil thickening and harmful deposits in all areas of the engine, resulting in cleaner pistons.

They also offer superior viscosity and shear stability for better engine wear protection even at high temperatures and pressure.

“Today’s engines operate at higher temperatures and need a new generation of high-performing diesel engine oils to protect them. New API CK-4 Shell Rimula engine oils are designed to help deliver efficient engine operation and excellent wear protection,” said Marketing General Manager – Malaysia/Singapore, Shell Lubricants, May Tan.

Shell Rimula’s API CK-4 oils replace CJ-4 oils, and are backwards compatible to all current vehicles, providing benefits for both newer and older engine technologies. For operators who operate both newer and older vehicles, this helps simplify lubrication procedures.