New Toyota Corolla sedan, wagon and hatch go on sale in Japan

By CARSIFU | 20 September 2019

TOYOTA CITY: Toyota has recently announced the launch of its completely redesigned Corolla sedan and Corolla Touring wagon in Japan as well as the improved Corolla Sport hatchback.

Each of the three bodystyles includes hybrids. Prices for the Corolla sedan, Corolla Touring and Corolla Sport start from 1,936,000 yen (RM75,000), 2,013,000 yen (RM78,000) and 2,169,200 yen (RM84,000) respectively.

The Corolla and Corolla Touring were previously marketed as Corolla Axio and Corolla Fielder.

Since its debut in 1966, Corolla has become a well-loved car worldwide, with a track record of over 47.5 million vehicle sales in more than 150 countries and regions.

The introduction of the Corolla Sport as a new model in the Corolla series in June last year, and the adoption of the TNGA platform, has revitalised the design and driving. The Corolla sedan and Corolla Touring are new introductions to the Corolla series, allowing a varied choice of vehicles to suit customers' lifestyles.

Using the TNGA platform and design with Japan roads in mind results in sporty styling with a low centre of gravity, enjoyable driving, and responsive handling. The new models are equipped with the latest Toyota Safety Sense, delivering enhanced safety performance. On-board connected services have also been upgraded to include Toyota's first Display Audio as standard, installed in conjunction with smartphones.

"The Corolla is a car that is always ready to evolve to meet customers' current needs," says Yasushi Ueda, chief engineer in charge of development.

"For this reason, it has been a long-term favourite of customers in Japan and all over the world. The new Corolla exceeds customer expectations by 'adopting the TNGA platform, sporty design, and pleasurable driving.' With the advanced safety equipment and connected functions, the safe and secure everyday driving of our customers is supported. I would like you to experience riding in or driving the Corolla series just to understand the sheer fun of driving this car."

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Corolla Sport
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Corolla Touring
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