New Toyota Yaris unveiled

By CARSIFU | 16 October 2019

TOYOTA CITY: Toyota has unveiled the new Yaris, which is set to go on sale in Japan starting in mid-February 2020.

It will go on display at the Venus Fort mall here during the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show.

The first-generation Yaris was created in 1999 as a car that would serve as the global standard for compact cars by enlisting the full portfolio of Toyota's technological prowess.


Toyota re-designed the platform and all major components, including the engine, transmission, and suspension to achieve what it says is a generous cabin space and outstanding basic performance in a minimum size.

The new Yaris adopts the TNGA platform, on which Toyota will base its compact cars for developed countries in the future, and features components built entirely from the ground up, including the engine, hybrid system, transmission, and suspension.


In addition to the light yet highly rigid body and low centre of gravity, the Yaris is offered with four different powertrains:

> The newly developed 1.5-litre inline three-cylinder Dynamic Force Engine and Direct Shift-CVT;
> The 1.5-litre Dynamic Force Engine with New-generation Hybrid System;
> The 1.5-litre Dynamic Force Engine with 6-speed manual
> An improved 1.0-litre engine with a compact and lightweight CVT.

"This marks the 20th year since the first Yaris debuted, so we wanted to build a new-generation compact car that goes far beyond customers' preconceptions about class by building on the strengths of the Yaris as a compact car while revamping the platform, powertrain, and all other components. said Yaris chief engineer Yasunori Suezawa.

"Compact cars are driven by many people, so offering a pleasurable drive was a priority, but it also prompted us to use the Yaris as the starting point of cars with the world's highest level of fuel efficiency and secure safety technology."

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